DEP in another development flap

New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection appears to be joining the ever-lengthening list of governmental agencies set on destroying what they are supposed to protect, with increasingly concerning implications for Sussex County.

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Christie’s “creative accounting” for 911 service

“In 2015, the last year that data was available, only $75,000 of the $122 million collected went toward upgrading the system. No state in the country has collected more from its taxpayers to fund critical upgrades to the 911 system, and, according to the federal government, no state uses less of that money to actually fund improvements to their system.”

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Frankford Cuts Municipal Services

The Republican-dominated Frankford town council voted to approve an ordinance to eliminate the township’s construction department.

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Frelinghuysen between rock and hard place

Entrenched in the House of Representatives for what is now his 12th term and holding the powerful chairmanship of the House Appropriations Committee, Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen would seem to be sitting pretty.

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Did Garrett flip on ‘crony capitalism’?

... or did Trump pick him to dismantle agency?

Scott Garrett may have been ousted after seven terms as a congressman, but he may not be going away.

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