Frelinghuysen between rock and hard place

Entrenched in the House of Representatives for what is now his 12th term and holding the powerful chairmanship of the House Appropriations Committee, Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen would seem to be sitting pretty.

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Did Garrett flip on ‘crony capitalism’?

... or did Trump pick him to dismantle agency?

Scott Garrett may have been ousted after seven terms as a congressman, but he may not be going away.

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More Democrats file to run for municipal seats, but the door is still open.

The petition deadline has passed for appearing on the primary ballot in June. While a few more Democrats will appear on the ballot this year, there are still many gaps. The door is still open for anyone wishing to serve their community and challenge GOP in Sussex County.

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GOP ‘disinvites’ coverage of Lincoln Brunch

In a further concession to government by secrecy, Sussex County’s GOP “disinvited” the press to its annual Lincoln Brunch, the party’s flagship event and fundraiser, which was held April 9 at Lafayette House.

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Newton sees Trump tax protest

The day before a major religious holiday—in this case, Easter—is usually not great for group gatherings as people are at home or in supermarkets preparing for their celebration.

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