US officially rejoins Paris climate agreement

The U.S. on Friday officially rejoined the Paris Agreement after former President Trump withdrew from the deal.

On his first day in office, President Biden signed an executive order that set the country on track to rejoin the global accord, but it took 30 days for the country to formally reenter. 

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Booker, Blumenthal Introduce Comprehensive Legislation To Address Covid-19 Crisis In Nursing Homes

“This legislation will protect the health and well-being of those living and working in nursing homes by increasing resources for infection control and prevention, testing, and personal protective equipment; surging funding for strike teams to the hardest hit nursing homes; mandating transparency and reporting of COVID-19 cases and fatalities; and requiring the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to conduct better oversight, including inspections and guidance.”

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NJ legal weed just hit a snag — yes, another one. Here's what's next.

“Legislators plan to pass a bill this week detailing the penalties and fines faced by marijuana users under 21 years old. This "cleanup" bill is seen as the last hurdle before Gov. Phil Murphy signs into law the full package of marijuana legislation, which would essentially put into action the ballot and constitutional amendment approved by voters in November.”

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'Going to school was suffocating': Sparta students share to keep equality conversation going

“In recognition of Black History Month, the district produced "Our Voices United," a video log created by a group of students and staff that promotes acceptance of all races and backgrounds.
The 13-minute long video features students' personal experiences with prejudice in the community along with information about terms such as stereotype, microaggression and implicit bias. It also outlines the purpose of Sparta's initiative, which Brown explained is to "unite us in the common values of humanity to ensure a school community that is a welcoming place for all."
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Sussex commissioner cites false facts to push anti-hate resolution

Part of being an elected official is providing factual information to your constituents, not fairytales that align with your narrative. Doubling down on inaccurate information even after being corrected by law enforcement is unseemly.
“The problem with Fantasia's argument? Key facts appear to be wrong, based on statements from law enforcement and a review of the cases.”
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First lady Jill Biden installs hearts on White House lawn as Valentine's day surprise

A Valentine from First Lady Jill Biden popped up overnight at the White House. Per her office, “The First Lady is known for her sense of humor, love of surprises and celebrating traditions... This is her Valentine to the country."
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