Railroad nightmares need solution? No problem, just cut funding.

Whether sitting in the virtual parking lot that Route 80 becomes at “rush” hours, or in a rail car held up because of yet another derailment, New Jersey commuters are finding it more arduous to simply get to work.  And it looks like it’s about to become worse.

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Oroho won't give up on Reaganomics

George H.W. Bush called Ronald Reagan’s theories “voodoo economics” and Reagan’s own budget director, David Stockman, also not exactly a flaming liberal, debunked “supply-side” or “trickle-down” economics as a pipe dream.

But in the ensuing decades, the notion that eliminating taxes on the wealthy, and on corporations, has become enshrined in the national conservative conscientious. And despite effects of those policies turning out to be as helpful to working people as unicorns flying over rainbows, GOP legislators continue to insist shifting more people’s money to fewer rich people is the tide that raises all boats.

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Democratic Senate Candidate Hamilton Addresses the Tea Party

High property taxes, an onerous gas tax, an exodus out of the county, a crumbling infrastructure and a declining local economy affect everyone who lives in Sussex County no matter where they stand in terms of political philosophy.

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Can PennEast be stopped?

Opponents of the PennEast pipeline appealed this week to Gov. Chris Christie and his administration to block construction of the pipeline, a proposed 115-mile conduit for natural gas to run through Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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Frelinghuysen constituents take issues to Washington

Unsuccessful at getting their representative to meet them on home turf, three busses filled with activists organized by New Jersey 11th for Change took their quest to Rodney Frelinghuysen’s (R-11) office in Washington, D.C., and some of them got a face-to-face meeting with the formerly reclusive congressman.

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