Sussex commissioner cites false facts to push anti-hate resolution

Part of being an elected official is providing factual information to your constituents, not fairytales that align with your narrative. Doubling down on inaccurate information even after being corrected by law enforcement is unseemly.
“The problem with Fantasia's argument? Key facts appear to be wrong, based on statements from law enforcement and a review of the cases.”
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First lady Jill Biden installs hearts on White House lawn as Valentine's day surprise

A Valentine from First Lady Jill Biden popped up overnight at the White House. Per her office, “The First Lady is known for her sense of humor, love of surprises and celebrating traditions... This is her Valentine to the country."
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Sparta Township Council Recognizes February as Black History Month

The Sparta Township Council proclaimed February Black History Month at their meeting on Tuesday. This is the first time in at least a decade the township council has made this proclamation, according to minutes posted on the township website.

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Vernon OKs resolution against 'violent protest' but doesn't mention Trump

“Vernon's governing body is taking what officials say is a necessary stand against "violent protest, insurrection, hate crimes and discrimination."
The measure, which passed on a 5-0 vote, specifically cites the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot by pro-Trump supporters in Washington, D.C.
The resolution acknowledges Americans' right to peaceful protest and assembly, but states a number of peaceful demonstrations across the country have been exploited by violent extremists and spilled over into "looting, destruction of business and personal property, and loss of life, including the deliberate targeting of law enforcement officers."
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$15 minimum wage is part of Councilman Dan Chiariello’s budget wish list

Sparta. The councilman has some ideas on how to use unspent 175th anniversary funds, including a pandemic memorial and historical plaques.

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N.J. among states with most number of suspects in attack on U.S. Capitol

“Over 150 people have been charged with committing crimes during the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, including 10 from New Jersey.  And the Garden State is among the states with the most suspects.”


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