NJDSC Asks: Where’s Assemblyman Ciattarelli’s Running Mate?

Time is ticking, Jack. ⏰ 👀

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Sen. Booker introduces bill to remove marijuana from federal list of controlled substances

“The Cannabis Opportunity Act would ensure no one is arrested for using pot where it's legal.
It’s a move the senator says will help put an end to the unfair targeting of communities of color.”
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Republican mayor endorses Murphy

Good leadership transcends partisan politics. We are thrilled to see the endorsements continuing to come in for Phil Murphy!
“A Republican mayor from Ocean County has endorsed Democratic Governor Phil Murphy for re-election, the first GOP endorsement in his bid for a second term.
“I admire his leadership. He is sincere. I believe he is someone of high integrity,” said Seaside Heights Mayor Anthony E. Vaz. “Governor Murphy has been very good for our community.”
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New Jersey named one of the ten best states to live in

We could not agree more! And with Phil Murphy’s leadership, we continue to be stronger and fairer for all who reside here!

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Nearly 88,000 low-level NJ marijuana offenses dismissed in first wave with more to come

An important step in the process of legalization and decriminalization of marijuana is correcting the inequity that came along with previous laws that unjustly punished individuals.
“Nearly 88,000 low-level marijuana offenses have been dismissed over the past two weeks, the state Supreme Court said, as New Jersey transitions to legalizing and decriminalizing the drug.”
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COVID exposed 'digital divide' in rural areas. Now NJ will form commission to find solution

Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation last week aimed at increasing reliable internet access in rural areas like Sussex County.
The new law, A-850 in the State Assembly and S-2864 in the Senate, will establish the Broadband Access Study Commission to examine the feasibility of setting up networks to provide faster internet speeds for the public. The commission will consider logistics such as the cost of building community networks while also studying what works and what doesn't in other areas of the country.”
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