Comment: Thanks for noticing

Within the past month, we passed two significant social media milestones, and for that, we thank you. Our page ‘likes’ now exceed five hundred. Perhaps more significantly, we have more people following our page than do the Sussex County Republican Committee. Consider that they had (until recently) two congressmen and a full set of state Assemblymen and Senator to share their message, and that’s saying something.

scdc-comment.jpgWe put a lot of effort into bringing issues to your attention that impact our community. Sussex County’s print news services are very cautious about publishing information that they feel may go against the grain, so you’ve probably noticed that they handle Republican elected officials with kid gloves. Perhaps you read the article over the summer about our assemblymen sponsoring a bill to establish New Jersey Farmers’ Market Week. You probably didn’t see any mention of the bill they sponsored (A626) which would make it legal to deface a firearm by removing the serial number, making it untraceable to the owner. Yeah, we covered that.

We heard a lot about the gas tax, and how Senator Oroho “saved the transportation trust fund”, but how many were told that the fund was saved by shifting the cost of road maintenance from the rich to the poor? We covered that, too.

Know that the SCDC fully supports our local online and printed media. They are an important part of our democracy and of our community. We encourage you to click and subscribe, but you should also make your voice heard by writing to them.

In the meantime, we will continue to bring these issues to you on Facebook, Twitter (@scdc51124), our web site, and our weekly e-mail newsletter. We rely on you to help us get our message out by sharing it. About one fifth of all registered voters are Democrats, but almost half are unaffiliated. We will need those unaffiliated voters to help elect progressive candidates. In order to do so we need to reach them and share the full story, not just the Farmers’ Market side.