Sussex GOP At Odds Over Gas Tax Ballot Question

The rift in the Sussex County Republican Party continues to widen over the replenishment of New Jersey’s Transportation Trust Fund.

oroho-phoebus-space.jpgThe legislation sponsored by NJ Senator Steven Oroho to sharply increase the gas tax to address the matter was met with criticism from Assemblymen Parker Space and Gail Phoebus. This highlighted a growing rift in the Sussex GOP.

One of the reasons the Fund went broke was because the State relied heavily on borrowing money to fund transportation projects.

This continued until the interest on the debt grew so large that it was unsustainable. To prevent further borrowing, ballot question number two seeks to keep the funds raised by the gas tax dedicated to that fund.

The New Jersey Herald reports that Oroho favors the amendment while Space and Phoebus are opposed to it.