State Dem Chair Currie boots “The Wiz” from the DNC

On Saturday, State Democratic Chair John Currie (on right) arranged to eliminate all New Jersey “super delegates” pledged to Bernie Sanders from their positions on the National Democratic Committee.

Wisniewski-Currie.jpgA meeting of the New Jersey State Democratic Committee precipitously deprived Assemblyman John Wisniewski (Chairman of the Sanders campaign in NJ) and Reni Erdos, of their roles representing NJ on the DNC. Both retain their status as delegates to the Democratic National Convention pledged to Bernie Sanders.

Wisniewski spoke with Michael Aron of NJTV News about the move.

This is indeed a strange move on the part of the NJ State Committee. Assemblyman Wisniewski is a key player in any attempt to bring NJ’s Bernie voters into the Democratic fold. Their participation could make the difference in several congressional elections in New Jersey. For example, in Sussex County they could help Josh Gottheimer capitalize on a golden opportunity to unseat Scott Garrett the Fifth Congressional District.

It’s hard to understand what is smart or appropriate to unceremoniously dump Assemblyman Wisneiwski, and fellow Bernie supporter Erdos, from their positions in the Democratic Party hierarchy. On the contrary, it appears to be counterproductive.