Trump devotee Jill Space will help create the GOP platform

Jill (“women are just not interested in politics”) Space, wife of Assemblyman Parker Space, will be one of 51 members of the New Jersey delegation to the Republican National Convention.

space.jpgIn fact, the NJ GOP named her to the convention’s platform committee. There, she will help mold the Republican Party policies and agenda to reflect the rhetoric and will of Donald Trump.

Space was an early and enthusiastic Trump proponent. She appears to be on board with his jingoistic philosophy and simplistic take on foreign and domestic issues. For example, early on, she expressed support for his scheme to build a wall to seal our southern border, and to make Mexico pay for it.

Space has not yet stated whether she’s ready to join Trump in what seems an effort to promote hostility and perhaps war between the United States and world-wide Islam, a goal he seems to share with ISIS.