Our GOP Assembly reps push legislation that’s DOA

It’s only a few weeks into the current legislative session, but Assemblyman Parker Space and Assemblywoman Gail Phoebus have already posted a plethora of bills, all of which appear to be dead on arrival (DOA). They’ve proposed a lot of bills, many of them rehashing legislation that’s been previously posted and ignored, none of which are likely to come to the Assembly floor for a vote.

space-phoebus-law.jpgHere’s a short list of some of the bills that they’ve sponsored. See if you can find one that might actually help you or any of your neighbors.

A101: New Jersey's Fair Housing Act of 1985 requires every municipality to provide, through its land use regulations, a realistic opportunity for a fair share of its region's present and prospective needs for housing for low and moderate income families.  New Jerseys discrimination laws make it illegal to discriminate against prospective tenants, including low and moderate income tenants, based on a number of factors, including race, creed, origin, gender identity, etc.  However, the Space-Phoebus bill allows for a landlord to provide "preferential treatment" to certain people, including employees and family members.  And this preferential treatment is extended only to properties owned by corporations and farms, not individuals.

A105: This act would eliminate the expansion of preschool education programs for every school system in Sussex County.

A108: This would reduce the sales tax rate from seven percent to six percent.  Everyone cheers lower taxes, but what effect would this have on the nearly eleven billion dollar state budget deficit that Chris Christie accumulated?

A110:  This act eliminates seniority for municipal and state employees.

A117: This act eliminates New Jersey's one percent realty transfer fee for the sale of commercial property.  It's a good deal for people who own commercial property.  See A108 above if you don't own commercial property.

A134: Many conservatives boast about how they want to keep government out of your business.  Under this act, any changes made to New Jersey's educational curriculum must be approved by the government, and not by the Board of Education.

A629: In 2007, New Jersey passed the Global Warming Response Act to help control greenhouse gas emissions.  This act repeals it.

A1393: This act requires anyone who has been held in prison to provide proof of citizenship or otherwise prove that he/she is in this country legally before being released.