Three GOP state senators buck Christie; help override veto

Three Republican State Senators showed pluck and stood up to Governor/Presidential Wannabe Chris Christie. They voted to override his veto of a gun control bill.

Christie took that action earlier this year to pander to right wing NRA extremists who vote in droves in GOP primary elections.

The measure (S21360) requires courts to notify law enforcement officials when someone seeks to expunge mental health records in order to apply for a gun permit. The bill unanimously passed both houses of the New Jersey legislature before Christie vetoed it.  Sussex County’s Steve Oroho was not one of the three state senators who dared cross Christie. Originally, Oroho voted for the bill. But he’s loathe to displease the Governor. Hardly a profile in courage according to this Star Ledger editorial.

Assemblyman Parker Space, who also voted for the bill, will soon have his chance to show the extent of his intestinal fortitude. Assembly Speaker Vinnie Prieto says he will soon bring an override resolution to the floor and give the Assemblyman the chance to show his stripes.