Statement from Rep. Sherrill on the USPS and Mailboxes in Morristown

"I’m deeply disturbed by reports around the country and here in the 11th District about slowdowns at the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). Americans depend on the USPS, and the Postmaster General’s recent policies are placing an undue burden on our citizens: veterans are waiting weeks for prescriptions to be delivered, people are seeing their credit scores drop because payments sent through the mail are delivered late, and small businesses already reeling from the pandemic are unable to reach their customers or receive materials as they normally would."

“With respect to mailboxes in Morristown: the USPS announced over the weekend that it will suspend the removal of all mailboxes for 90 days and we have been told that all mailboxes removed in Morristown will be replaced with anti-theft boxes. My office is in contact with our regional USPS district office. We will continue to keep residents informed and get updated information on timetables to ensure this doesn’t unduly burden residents. 

“The House will be returning to vote this week on legislation to save the USPS and has called the Postmaster General to testify about his recent policies, including removing sorting machines across the country, which undermine the ability of the post office to do its job and serve the American people. The Senate, which is in recess, should return to session and do the same.”