SCDC Chairwoman Dawne Rowe Endorses Rep. Mikie Sherrill for Congress

During her first term in Congress, Mikie Sherrill has consistently fought hard for Sussex County. Mikie’s tenure in the House of Representatives has proven that her leadership is unparalleled – her advocacy on the House floor and her legislative initiatives have imposed direct benefits for Sussex County.

She remains committed to supporting the middle class, expanding access to healthcare, and amplifying the voices of her constituents. Her efforts to reduce the burdens of the SALT deduction cap — as well as her work to increase funding for the Picatinny Arsenal — directly benefit Sussex County residents. In Sussex, Mikie is a constant presence, listening and offering assistance. We are so fortunate to have Mikie Sherrill representing us in Congress, and I am honored to endorse her for her re-election campaign.
Dawne Rowe
Sussex County Democratic Committee
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