Republican National Committee Targets Gottheimer

Josh Gottheimer surprised the county in November with an historical victory in New Jersey’s fifth congressional district over Scott Garrett, who held that seat since 2003. It was one of six House seats the Democrats managed to flip. But now the National Republican Congressional Committee sees Gottheimer’s seat as a prime target in 2018.

Gottheimer-obs-450.jpgA week before he even won the election, the Observer had already written Gottheimer’s epitaph.  Now, NRCC Deputy Communications Director Chris Pack proclaims that Gottheimer’s seat will be a “top offensive target” in 2018.

The Republicans are counting on lower turnout in the midterm elections, something that has traditionally favored the GOP, as Democratic voters tend to stay home when the President is not on the ticket.

2018 will be the first opportunity for Democrats to blunt the impact of President Trump and his cabinet by taking back one or both congressional chambers. Democrats can only hope that the current wave of activism will carry on that long and translate into votes.