Gottheimer's First Floor Speech, Will Serve on Financial Services Cte

Freshman congressman Josh Gottheimer delivered his first speech on the House floor.  It was a proud moment for Sussex County Democrats.

The New Jersey Herald reports that Gottheimer will service on the House Financial Services Committee, a spot previously occupied by the fifth district's former representative, Scott Garrett.

You can view Josh's speech in its entirety here (1:11 in length):

Here is the text:

Mr. Speaker, I rise today for my first statement from the House floor, honored and humbled to serve as the Representative for New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District.

I vow to work tirelessly on their behalf.

We are all tired of Washington’s partisanship, and I will work across the aisle, whenever possible, to get things done.

New Jersey families and businesses are struggling with high taxes and not seeing a good return on investment for the hard-earned tax dollars they send to Washington each year.

I will work to bring those dollars home to fight domestic terror, deal with opiate abuse, improve our schools, and fix our crumbling roads and bridges.

I will work to bring good-paying jobs back to New Jersey and keep them there, to lower our taxes, cut wasteful spending and unnecessary regulations, and ensure that every tax dollar is used wisely.

And I will stand up for Jersey values, ensuring that women, minorities, and the LGBT community are always treated with respect.

I will have the backs of our veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, and all first responders.

I will stand with Israel, ensure our children have clean drinking water, stand up for equal pay and a woman’s right to choose.

Because working together, and I will work for everyone in the District, I believe that our best days will always be ahead of us.

Thank you Mr. Speaker, and I yield back my time.