Consider Early Voting

Have you voted yet? If not, please consider casting your ballot early, particularly within the next couple of days. The State of New Jersey can start counting ballots 10 days out from Election Day.

The more we are able to bank and count votes early, the more accurate our tally will be on November 3rd-- giving us the best chance to avoid contributing to the dreaded "red mirage" on Election Night.
You have three ways to cast your ballot early.
•You can deliver your completed ballot to one of thirteen official drop box locations across the county (please visit for the locations that are the most convenient and closest to you).
•You can drop your completed ballot at the Board of Elections weekdays from 8 AM-4 PM (83 Spring Street, Suite 305. Newton, NJ; 973-579-0950).
•You can put your completed ballot in the mail - but if you are going the route, please get it in the mail immediately to account for possible delays in the post system.