Barack Obama Announcements First Wave of 2020 Endorsements

NJ-11 Rep. Mikie Sherrill and NJ-05 Rep. Josh Gottheimer are among those endorsed by Barack Obama.


"I’m proud to endorse this diverse and hopeful collection of thoughtful, empathetic, and highly qualified Democrats. Together, these candidates will help us redeem our country’s promise by sticking up for working class people, restoring fairness and opportunity to our system, and fighting for the good of all Americans — not just those at the top. They make me optimistic not just about our party’s chances in November, but about our country’s future long after that. So if you’re in one of their districts or states, make sure you vote for them this fall. And if you can, vote early — by mail or in person."

Joyce Elliott, U.S. House, AR-02

Josh Harder, U.S. House, CA-10

TJ Cox, U.S. House, CA-21

Christy Smith, U.S. House, CA-25

Gil Cisneros, U.S. House, CA-39

Katie Porter, U.S. House, CA-45

Harley Rouda, U.S. House, CA-48

Mike Levin, U.S. House, CA-49

Ammar Campa-Najjar, U.S. House, CA-50

Ann Ravel, State Senate, SD-15

John Hickenlooper, U.S. Senate

Jason Crow, U.S. House, CO-06

Marie Newman, U.S. House, IL-03

Sean Casten, U.S. House, IL-06

Betsy Dirksen Londrigan, U.S. House, IL-13

Lauren Underwood, U.S. House, IL-14

Christina Hale, U.S. House, IN-05

Theresa Greenfield, U.S. Senate

Abby Finkenauer, U.S. House, IA-01

Rita Hart, U.S. House, IA-02

Cindy Axne, U.S. House, IA-03

Sara Gideon, U.S. Senate

Kara Eastman, U.S. House, NE-02

Susie Lee, U.S. House, NV-03

Steven Horsford, U.S. House, NV-04

Amy Kennedy, U.S. House, NJ-02

Andy Kim, U.S. House, NJ-03

Josh Gottheimer, U.S. House, NJ-05

Tom Malinowski, U.S. House, NJ-07

Mikie Sherrill, U.S. House, NJ-11

Jackie Gordon, U.S. House, NY-02

Max Rose, U.S. House, NY-11

Jamaal Bowman, U.S. House, NY-16

Mondaire Jones, U.S. House, NY-17

Antonio Delgado, U.S. House, NY-19

Dana Balter, U.S. House, NY-24

Roy Cooper, Governor

Yvonne Lewis Holley, Lieutenant Governor

Ronnie Chatterji, Treasurer

Jessica Holmes, Commissioner of Labor

Cal Cunningham, U.S. Senate

Pat Timmons-Goodson, U.S. House, NC-08

Brian Farkas, State House, HD-09

Adam Ericson, State House, HD-20

Terence Everitt, State House, HD-35

Sydney Batch, State House, HD-37

Kimberly Hardy, State House, HD-43

Frances Jackson, State House, HD-45

Ricky Hurtado, State House, HD-63

Dan Besse, State House, HD-74

Christy Clark, State House, HD-98

Brandon Lofton, State House, HD-104

Donna Lake, State Senate, SD-07

Harper Peterson, State Senate, SD-09

Allen Wellons, State Senate, SD-11

Kirk deViere, State Senate, SD-19

Terri LeGrand, State Senate, SD-31

Kate Schroder, U.S. House, OH-01

Desiree Tims, U.S. House, OH-10

Phil Robinson, State House, HD-06

Monique Smith, State House, HD-16

Jessica Miranda, State House, HD-28

Emilia Sykes, State House, HD-34

Amy Cox, State House, HD-43

Chris Stanley, State House, HD-59

Josh Shapiro, Attorney General

Nina Ahmad, Auditor General

Joe Torsella, Treasurer

Christina Finello, U.S. House, PA-01

Susan Wild, U.S. House, PA-07

Matt Cartwright, U.S. House, PA-08

Eugene DePasquale, U.S. House, PA-10

Marlene Katz, State House, HD-29

Lissa Geiger Shulman, State House, HD-30

Brittney Rodas, State House, HD-105

Jonathan Kassa, State House, HD-151

Nancy Guenst, State House, HD-152

Anton Andrew, State House, HD-160

Deb Ciamacca, State House, HD-168

Claudette Williams, State House, HD-176

Ann Marie Mitchell, State House, HD-178

John Kane, State Senate, SD-09

Janet Diaz, State Senate, SD-13

George Scott, State Senate, SD-15

Pam Iovino, State Senate, SD-37

Julie Slomski, State Senate, SD-49

Jaime Harrison, U.S. Senate

Joe Cunningham, U.S. House, SC-01

Sima Ladjevardian, U.S. House, TX-02

Lizzie Fletcher, U.S. House, TX-07

Adrienne Bell, U.S. House, TX-14

Wendy Davis, U.S. House, TX-21

Sri Preston Kulkarni, U.S. House, TX-22

Gina Ortiz Jones, U.S. House, TX-23

Candace Valenzuela, U.S. House, TX-24

Colin Allred, U.S. House, TX-32

Erin Zwiener, State House, HD-45

James Talarico, State House, HD-52

Keke Williams, State House, HD-54

Angela Brewer, State House, HD-64

Sharon Hirsch, State House, HD-66

Jeff Whitfield, State House, HD-92

Joe Drago, State House, HD-96

Elizabeth Beck, State House, HD-97

Jessica González, State House, HD-104

Terry Meza, State House, HD-105

Joanna Cattanach, State House, HD-108

Brandy Chambers, State House, HD-112

Rhetta Andrews Bowers, State House, HD-113

Celina Montoya, State House, HD-121

Natali Hurtado, State House, HD-126

Gina Calanni, State House, HD-132

Ann Johnson, State House, HD-134

Jon Rosenthal, State House, HD-135

Akilah Bacy, State House, HD-138

Elaine Luria, U.S. House, VA-02

Cameron Webb, U.S. House, VA-05

Abigail Spanberger, U.S. House, VA-07


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