Phoebus ducks funding her pet transportation project

Over the past several years, Assemblywoman Gail Phoebus has touted her enthusiastic support for bringing New Jersey Transit rail service to Sussex County. But when it comes to funding that service, Phoebus acts like an ostrich with its head in the sand.

phoebus-duck.jpgOtherwise, why did she vote to kill funding for the service she touts? Phoebus (and her sidekick, Assemblyman Parker “Me Too” Space) voted against a bill (A10) to replenish New Jersey’s bankrupt Transportation Trust Fund. It’s TTF funding that enables expansion of rail service. Phoebus’ ostrich antics counter State Senator Steve Oroho’s strong support of the measure. Oroho, the dean of Sussex County’s legislative delegation to Trenton, negotiated the compromise tax package to fund the TTF and was one of the two primary sponsors of the enabling bill (S2412). For weeks, he has been enthusiastically promoting funding of the TTF as necessary to the economic well being of our county.

And it seems that Sussex County residents support Oroho’s position.

On the one hand, a rally promoted by opponents of the tax package fizzled. On the other hand, a rally in favor of the measure drew several hundred supporters to the Newton Green on Saturday.

In addition, leading GOP politicians in the county, having learned the facts of the matter, have backed off opposition to the tax package.