We need Democratic poll workers in Sussex County

As this New York Times editorial points out, Donald Trump is paving the way to blame his probable loss in November on cheating at the polls. However, his verbal attack on the voting system may be more sinister than that. He may actually be setting up actions at the polls that discourage voter participation.  You can help thwart Donald’s scheme.

trump-conspiracy.jpgThe Sussex County Board of Elections needs poll workers who are registered Democrats. Of the four poll workers at each election district, the law requires that two of these be registered Democrats, if they are available. Let’s make sure that two Democrats are available and serving in each district. You can make a difference, particularly this year.

Please volunteer. The job pays $200 for a long day. However you can help to make sure our Democracy is not subverted. You can help head off whatever machinations Trump has in mind if you are there, at the polling place, in an official capacity. Click here for the application form.

Sussex County needs Democratic poll workers in all municipalities. There’s a training session coming up very soon, so please act promptly.

To participate, you must:

  • Be a registered voter
  • Be available for the entire day on election day
  • Be friendly and helpful
  • Attend a free training class

For more information inquire at [email protected] , or telephone Jeanie at the Board of Elections at 973-579-0950 extension 4.