Democratic Party Election Summary for Sussex Municipalities

Here is a summary of Democratic Party municipal candidates for the November 2016 election.

Andover Borough

Incumbents Michael Figueiredo and Peter Pearson are running unopposed for a three-year term.

Franklin Borough

Two council seats for three-year terms are up for election. Democrat Patricia Rowett is seeking one of those seats. She is running against two Republicans: one incumbent, Dawn Fantasia, and one new challenger, Stephen Skellenger.

Montague Township

Democrat Arthur Henn is challenging incumbent Richard E. Innella for a three-year term.


Two three-year terms are up for election, and both Republican incumbents are running: Doreen Thistleton and Diana Kuncken. They are challenged by Democrat Najib Iftikhar.


Democrat Michael Grace is running for one of two three-year term seats. He is opposed by both Republican incumbents Timmy Lee Fisher and Charles Gross.

Sussex Borough

Democrat Al Decker is running to retain his seat on the council for a one-year term. He is challenged by Franklin Dykstra. Franklin is currently on the council in a three-year term seat that is up for election this year. Instead of running to fill his current seat, he instead chose to run for the one-year term against Decker.


Incumbent Democrat Janina Wycalek is running unopposed for a new three-year term.