Garrett – “shameless bigot”; “unskilled liar”?

The editorial page of the Star ledger hammers Congressman Scott Garrett both for his bigotry and the artless manner in which he seeks to duck being called out for it.

garrett_shameless.jpgThere’s been an increase in press coverage of Garrett in recent days, a lot of it stemming from the homophobia he displayed by refusing to contribute to the Nation Republican Congressional Committee. He refused because the NRCC proposed funding gay GOP candidates in races around the country. Since this information was leaked, the press apparently noticed and Garrett coverage increased. So did Garrett’s outreach to his constituents. Suddenly our opinion mattered. Lately, Garrett is sending us push polls on a wide range of issues.

Can this sudden solicitude for our opinion reflect a concern stemming from a realization that there is an increasing prospect that Democrat Josh Gottheimer will replace Garrett as our Congressman in the Fifth Congressional District?