Another Christie whopper

Apparently there’s no claim too absurd for Chris Christie to make.  This may top the list.

Christie claims that the reason why a majority of New Jerseyans hold him in contempt is because he keeps his promises. And he doesn’t seem to be joking!  What promises!? The only promises he has kept are those that he made to the NRA and to right wing nuts whose backing he needs to garner the GOP presidential nomination.

They certainly aren’t promises he made, which, if kept, would have made him an effective Governor of the State of New Jersey. That’s why two thirds of New Jerseyans are not happy with Christie’s gubernatorial performance. It doesn’t match his brilliant performances as a glib snake oil salesman at so-called “town hall meetings” in Iowa and New Hampshire.

This Star Ledger editorial takes Christie to task for the lies and exaggerations that are his stock in trade as he pursues his presidential ambitions.