Odd Ruling in Stillwater Deputy Mayor Vote

Lisa Chammings is the new deputy mayor of Stillwater, thanks to an odd ruling by township attorney, Angelo J. Bolcato.

Lori Comstock of the New Jersey Herald reported that the vote on the committee was split between Committeewoman Lisa Chammings and former Mayor George Scott, before committeeman Charles Gross cast the final vote, in which he voted simply "present."

Township Clerk Lynda Knott sought clarification from attorney Bolcato, who opined that "present" in this circumstance meant "yes", which handed the position to Chammings.

According to the Herald, their own attorney believes that a vote of "present" is a vote of abstention, which would mean "no" in this case.

There were no objections, and all members have all be sworn in.  Any changes or challenges are unlikely going forward.