Granite State Republicans are buying Christie’s hype

Granite State Republicans are buying Christie’s hype; Not so in Iowa or NJ.


Chris Christie has focused his presidential campaign efforts in New Hampshire. He’s relied on the format in which he excels - rigged and scripted so called “town hall meetings”.  He and his staff have staged 51 of them. And his performances have been brilliant and effective.

It’s working. They’re buying it. As a result, he’s gone from nowhere to number two in New Hampshire polls. He continues to work the GOP crowds with his glib delivery and simplistic script. Local Republicans seem to be buying it as “straight talk.”

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, where we know Christie’s record, and have to live with it, he’s tanking. His job approval is the lowest ever. Even with Republicans. Only one out of three New Jerseyans thinks he’s doing a satisfactory job as Governor, whereas a whopping 62% think he’s not. That’s a drop of 6 points in the past couple of months.

There’s a sure sign that Christie’s New Hampshire game plan is working. He’s caught the attention of GOP front runner Donald Trump. Apparently, because of Christie’s success in gulling New Hampshire Republicans, Trump feels the need to call attention to Christie’s failures as Governor of New Jersey.

Things are different in Iowa. There, Christie barely makes the cut. Recent polls have him at 2%, which is down one point from previous polls.