Phoebus’ first official act is to put her foot in her mouth

Last Saturday a GOP convention appointed Gail Phoebus to represent the 24th legislative District in the New Jersey General Assembly.

The NJ Assembly is controlled by an overwhelming majority of Democrats. As a member of the Republican minority, in order to accomplish anything for her constituents, Phoebus will have to work with, negotiate and cultivate the good will of Democrats.  So, what was she thinking with these remarks in her acceptance speech!?

First she called her Democratic colleagues, “adolescents”.

“The Democrats are too juvenile to face the facts, too irresponsible to acknowledge the truth and too weak to be in charge.”

And then she continued, “I intend . . . to give the Democrats a piece of my mind they won’t soon forget”

Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto and other Democratic leaders probably can’t wait to get a “piece” of Phoebus’ “mind”. Will she have enough pieces left for the Democrats who chair and control the committees that actually get stuff done in the Assembly? Phoebus needs the good will of these Democrats to achieve any benefits for Sussex County. Does she not have a clue?

Good start Assemblywoman Phoebus! Thank you for showing such stellar judgment.

Here’s an account of the GOP convention as reported by David Danzis in Sunday’s New Jersey Herald: