Fiorina and Phoebus lie about Planned Parenthood

In a clear attempt to bolster her creds with an extreme right wing voter base, GOP presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina published blatant lies about Planned Parenthood.

carly_fiorina_01.jpggail_phoebus_01.jpgHer campaign published stories about obscene and deceitful videos depicting the dissection of live babies. She implied they were killed by Planned Parenthood to sell body parts. Fiorina’s message is a lie.

According to Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, Fiorina has blown her credibility. One of the benefits of presidential debates is to highlight the character and integrity of the presidential wannabes. We now know all about Fiorina’s character and integrity.

Closer to home, the message is similar. Several weeks ago, GOP Assembly candidate Gail Phoebus showed the same lack of integrity as Fiorina, on the same subject. Phoebus spoke in favor of a resolution she put before the Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders to urge an investigation of Planned Parenthood. To support her resolution, she spoke at length about the evils of illegal sales of baby parts. She sought to undermine the work of Planned Parenthood by tying it to criminal conduct. Phoebus and Fiorina are on the same page when it comes to integrity and credibility. Both unfairly touted events created out of thin air to undermine the work of Planned Parenthood which provides health services to poor women. Both are slandering Planned Parenthood with accusations that the agency is involved in the illegal sale of body parts.