Oroho helps Christie pander to gun rights extremists

New Jerseyans are paying the price for Chris Christie’s presidential ambitions. And Republican members of the New Jersey Senate, including Steve Oroho, are complicit.

Steve_Oroho_01.jpgEarlier this year, the New Jersey legislature passed a bill (S2360) giving law enforcement officials a say in hearings to expunge mental health records that help determine whether a person qualifies for gun ownership. The bill sailed through both houses of the legislature. The vote was unanimous. Keeping firearms out of the hands of mentally unstable persons makes sense.  Unfortunately, Christie needs to please the gun toting right wingers who come out to vote in Republican primaries. So, Christie vetoed the bill. On Thursday, the Senate voted on a resolution to override Christie’s veto. The resolution failed by one vote.

Despite voting in favor of the bill in March of this year, this Thursday Oroho backed Christie’s veto by voting “no”.

Kudos to GOP state Senators Jennifer Beck (R – Monmouth) and Christopher Connors (R-Ocean), who stood their ground and voted with their Democratic colleagues to put the safety of New Jerseyans ahead of Christie’s presidential ambitions! Shame on State Senator Steve Oroho, whose affirmative vote could have saved the bill!