Phoebus duped her Freeholder Colleagues

At Wednesday night’s meeting, Freeholder and GOP candidate for the New Jersey Assembly Gail Phoebus hoodwinked her colleagues on the Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

gail_phoebus_03.jpgShe told them that adopting a resolution to ask for a criminal investigation of Planned Parenthood would support a bill sponsored in the New Jersey State Senate by Senator Steve Oroho. She said Oroho’s bill sought to control the illegal sale of body parts.

Senator Oroho introduced no such bill.  Try to search for bills sponsored or co-sponsored by Steve Oroho on the State's web site and see for yourself.

It appears that Phoebus fabricated the story to cause the Freeholders to vote on a resolution she knew they did not relish. Several of them stated that they voted yes because it would assist Senator Oroho to move his bill to curtail the illegal sale of body parts. They relied on the fabricated story Phoebus presented at the meeting and her repeated urging that her colleagues back Senator Oroho’s non existent bill.