Rodney vents; Joe explains

Yet again, Rodney Frelinghuysen comes out swinging against the Iran deal. He’s not happy because Iran did not acquiesce to all the concessions United States and other signatory nations sought. He ignores that it took many months of hard fought negotiations.

rodney_frelinghuysen_01.jpgjoe_biden_01.jpgIn fact, Frelinghuysen does a disservice to the United States when he implies that our representatives were not tough enough because they couldn’t impose total surrender on Iran. It’s widely acknowledged (except by the likes of Frelinghuysen) that Secretary of State John Kerry was the toughest voice at the negotiating table. He deserves our thanks for the job that he did.

In the meantime, it’s a surprise that someone who has been around government as long as Frelinghuysen is so naïve about the possibilities inherent in nation to nation negotiations. It’s also troubling that all he seems to be able to do is complain. He offers no alternate solutions to the problems that everyone acknowledges exist.

Have a look for yourself. Here’s a link to Frelinghuysen’s latest diatribe.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg News reports that Vice President Joe Biden does a very good job trashing arguments like those made by our Congressman. Biden acknowledges risks. But he weighs them against those that exist without the agreement.