Vrabel and Paul working for all – Two Community leaders announce their candidacy for Sussex County Commissioner

Sussex County is home to 140,488 hard working residents who are finding it increasingly difficult to stay afloat under the difficult conditions of our time. Sussex County residents need leaders who are looking to make improvements with innovative ideas that demonstrate a focus on cooperative local governance.


That is why we are excited to announce Mike Vrabel and Scott Paul for Sussex County Commissioner in 2021.

Scott Paul is a long-time Sussex County resident residing in Andover Township. He grew up in Newton where he graduated from Newton High School. Scott is an entrepreneur and an accomplished music artist, finding ways to combine his artistic passion and creativity with the American dream. Scott has always made it a point to use his platform to help others, including donating profits from his merchandise to various charities, organizing benefit concerts to raise money for families in need, utilizing his strong social media presence to bring awareness to issues and injustices that he is passionate about. Scott makes it a point to be able to connect with people, regardless of political parties or agendas, but rather based on the content of their character.


Recently Scott has been helping to make history in Sussex County by leading peaceful rallies in multiple municipalities with a message of unity, inclusion and understanding. Although Scott never set out to be a politician, he refuses to shy away from the needs of his community, always making it a point to remember where he came from. Scott Paul’s investment in his community has given him a deep understanding of the needs of residents and what is needed to push our shared community here in Sussex forward. Scott Paul will continue to serve Sussex County by bringing positive changes to the lives of all citizens.


Mike Vrabel and his wife have lived in Sussex County since 1996, raising their two children who are grown now in the county they love. Mike’s wife is a nurse fighting the COVID-19 pandemic alongside hundreds of other brave essential healthcare workers across the county. Mike is a retired UPS pilot and is also a USAF veteran, serving for 8 years active duty and 5 years in the USAF reserves.  Mike served in the Persian Gulf during Desert Storm, the Invasion of Panama, and flying humanitarian airlifts in the reserves during the Somali and Bosnian Civil wars.


Mike has made it a point to stay active and involved in his community within Sussex County; Whether its tutoring and substitute teaching, coaching little league and hockey, youth mentoring through the SCEEP program and chaperoning youth church missions for his United Methodist congregation in Sparta, Mike refuses to stop giving back to the community that gave him everything. He has been a volunteer since 1997 for the Sussex County Family Promise program, a homeless family advocacy non-profit, helping to provide meals and shelter for his neighbors rendered temporarily homeless.


Both Scott and Mike bring much needed experience and understanding of the community’s needs while also having the determination and skill to carry out much needed solutions. A renewed focus on support for small businesses within the county coupled with their years of networking and personal relationships with community leaders around the county are the exact types of needs that our county is desperate for in this day and age. Above all they both have a commitment to lead by example and take pride in offering a platform of integrity, inclusion and honesty. At a time when we are all looking for leaders that we can trust to be competent, sincere, trustworthy and fair, this is the breath of life that Sussex County has been longing for. We look forward to your support of these two candidates and their vision of our county’s bright future!


Source: https://www.insidernj.com/press-release/vrabel-paul-working-two-community-leaders-announce-candidacy-sussex-county-commissioner/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=socialnetwork&fbclid=IwAR2_bh6_TdnPCKAYXPfZXIxbQsawHKylVR-v1_dPj2mmreiYo0tlSJzTI98