VOTER REMINDER POSTS, Day 3 - The Mechanics of Vote By Mail, Part 2

If you are a VBM voter, chances are you have gotten your ballot -- so for you, the election is now. It's show time!

We want to bank to these blue votes as soon as possible, so there's no better time than the present to consider filling out and returning your ballot. You can drop your completed ballot at one of fourteen secure ballot drop boxes countywide (more on that later), hand-deliver your ballot to the Board of Elections in Newton, or put it back in the mail immediately.

To get you started, here is a video that covers the mechanics of filling out your ballot, courtesy of the Mikie Sherrill campaign. This video walks you through the process of compiling and submitting your ballot so that it is not rejected when it reaches the Board of Elections. It's from 2020, but the ballots and balloting process remain roughly the same.

  • Leslie Boen
    published this page in News 2022-10-23 01:13:25 -0400