VOTER REMINDER POSTS, Day 5 - Taking Your Mail-In Ballot to the BOE

If you are a VBM voter and plan to cut out the middleman altogether by dropping your completed mail-in general election ballot at the Board of Elections this year, here is what you will need to know:

The Sussex County Board of Elections is located at 83 Spring Street, Suite 305. Newton, NJ 07860. Regular weekday hours are 8 AM-4 PM. In addition, there are extended or special hours on the following dates:


*Monday, November 7 (8 AM- 6 PM)

*ELECTION DAY, Tuesday, November 8 (6 AM-8 PM)


You may also serve as a bearer for up to three ballots in total, but you MUST sign the bearer portion on the outside envelope of any ballot that isn't yours, and make sure you bring ID and sign the designated "bearer's book" when you visit the Board of Elections.

  • Leslie Boen
    published this page in News 2022-10-24 20:54:36 -0400