Ok folks. You know what you have to do - if you haven't already. This is the most important thing you will do today, tomorrow, next week, next month, perhaps the rest of your life.

We said this exact thing two years ago. But two years ago, we hadn't faced a violent insurrection threatening to overthrow the results of a free and fair election. Two years ago, we only had Trump and a ragtag team of operatives and true believers scrambling to throw a Hail Mary pass — and that was almost enough.

Today we have little Trumps all over the nation — and all up and down the ballot, ready to seize the machinery of government and never give it back. Their movement is organized, strategic, and well-funded; they are prepared to do whatever it takes to win the war for the soul of America.

Make no mistake where you are.

This year:

*Free and fair elections are on the ballot.

*Human rights are on the ballot.

*Women's rights are on the ballot.

*Freedom of religion is on the ballot.

*Freedom of speech is on the ballot.

*The rule of law is on the ballot.

*Social Security is on the ballot.

*Medicare is on the ballot.

*A safe and livable climate is on the ballot.

*American democracy is on the ballot.

*Our children's future is on the ballot.

*The fate of the American experiment is on the ballot.

This really is it. The waiting is over.

Your vote is your voice. It needs to be heard more than ever this year.

Vote for the only American political party that still believes in democracy.

Vote blue. From dog catcher to the U.S. Senate. Please.


*Still need to drop off a mail-in ballot?

Visit for your nearest ballot drop box. Or deliver your completed ballot to the Sussex County Board of Elections (83 Spring St # 305, Newton. 973-579-0950). 8 PM is the deadline for both options.

*Voting today? Polls open at 6 AM and close at 8 PM. Don't know where you are supposed to go? Use this online tool: .

*Need a ride to the polls or a ballot drop box?

Try Lyft: .



  • Leslie Boen
    published this page in News 2022-11-08 03:10:18 -0500