VOTER REMINDER POSTS, Day 11 - Midpoint Recap

Ok, so it's not the exact midpoint - Day 10 was yesterday. But this is a good time to quickly recap where we are, how you can still get your votes in, and how you still can get the vote out.

IF YOU ARE A VBM VOTER: You still have time to get your mail-in ballot to the Board of Elections, but time is ticking. Fill out your ballot now - you can put it in the mail ASAP (but don't wait too long if this is what you plan to do), drop your ballot off at one of fourteen ballot box locations across the county (, or walk it into the Board of Elections in Newton (

Please note that you will not be able to drop your mail-in ballot at a same-day polling location on Election Day. You will be directed to a ballot box or the Board of Elections.

IF YOU WANT TO BE A VBM VOTER: You might be cutting it a little close (LOL), but yes, you still have time. You can apply for a mail-in ballot for two more days, until November 1. Best option in this case is to apply and when you receive your ballot, fill it out and submit it right there.

IF YOU WANT TO VOTE EARLY IN-PERSON: Voting is now underway at three early polling locations ( in Sussex County. Hours are 10 AM-8 PM Monday-Saturday and 10 AM- 6 PM Sundays. and You have until next Sunday, November 6, to exercise this option.

IF YOU WANT TO VOTE THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY: Polls are open from 6 AM-8 PM on Tuesday, November 8. More on this to come in the upcoming days.

IF YOU WANT TO HELP US GET OUT THE VOTE: Contact [email protected]. We have opportunities to knock on doors, phone bank, text bank, and put out signs for our candidates right up until and through Election Day.

See you tomorrow!


  • Leslie Boen
    published this page in News 2022-10-30 13:03:15 -0400