Vote for honesty, transparency and helpfulness -- not misinformation

"Republican Congressional candidate Rosemary Becchi (NJ-11) continues to spread misinformation about our state's 2020 election process."

 I would like to set the record straight.

In campaign advertisements, Ms. Becchi has repeatedly stated:

“Due to Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive order, New Jersey will be holding an all vote by mail election this November– the traditional polling places will not be open as usual for voting on election day.  Only voters with a disability will be allowed to vote in person on November 3rd.   (Provisional ballots will be available, but they will not be counted with the regular ballots).”

In fact: 

  • This is NOT an “all vote by mail election.” It is an all-paper-ballots election; voters don't have to wait til November; and there are 3 other ways to cast our ballots in New Jersey in addition to mailing through the U.S. Postal Service. 

1.Drop it in an official, secure Election Ballot Drop Box — This method is encouraged, to help prevent the spread of COVID that could occur through in-person contact. There are at least 10 boxes in every county. In Madison, there's one right next to the Public Safety building. Find your closest secure drop box at

2.In person: Bring it to your county's Board of Elections office, up until November 3 (check in advance for their hours, which may be limited due to COVID-19 precautions). 

3.In person: Bring it to your designated polling place on Election Day, wait your turn to sign in, and hand it to a poll worker. Find your polling place at

  • Only voters with a disability that prevents them from voting by paper ballot will be able to vote in person on a machine on November 3. There will be ADA-conforming voting machines for these voters.
  • Those who do not have a disability and show up at their polling place without their official ballot will be given a provisional ballot, which WILL be counted after the regular ballots, to ensure that someone can’t vote twice.

Now especially, we need elected officials who are honest, transparent and helpful — unlike Ms. Becchi, who continually creates unnecessary concern during a time when the last thing we need is something else to worry about. 

That's why I enthusiastically cast my vote — in a secure Election Ballot Drop Box — to re-elect Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill. 

In the two years since Rep. Sherrill was elected, I have attended countless meetings with her for residents, workers and businesses in our district. Rep. Sherrill and her team have been very proactive in keeping constituents informed as well as listening to concerns, answering questions, and helping solve problems — whether about the voting process, COVID-19-related health and financial issues, or numerous other matters impacting us here in NJ-11 and beyond. 

In fact, she has launched a voter protection hotline for anyone with concerns about voting: You can call 973-370-CAKE (2253) or email [email protected].

Regardless of how you vote, you can (and should) check the status of your ballot by creating a My Voter Record account at This is just one important, accurate, and helpful thing I learned from Mikie Sherrill that helps ensure everyone’s vote counts.