We are here, we are unafraid, and we are getting to work!

In 2020, one of the most consequential election years of our lifetimes, two things became crystal clear: Sussex County is changing, faster than the county GOP would like–and, despite our challenges, nevertheless, Sussex County Democrats persisted.

Four years ago, the country changed dramatically with the election of Donald Trump. Hundreds of thousands across the nation swore to do the hard work to ensure that the 45th President would be limited to one term. Throughout the Trump presidency, but most critically in 2020, the Sussex County Democratic Committee answered the call, doing more than its part to guarantee that this shared goal became a reality.

This year, the SCDC worked enthusiastically on behalf of the Biden campaign and for candidates on the Democratic ticket in our own county and state, as well as in the neighboring swing state of Pennsylvania. SCDC volunteers put in long days and nights to help Sussex County’s two Democratic representatives, Josh Gottheimer and Mikie Sherrill, win re-election in Congress. From phone banking to creative takes on socially distanced canvassing (not to mention putting out and replacing hundreds of signs during the home stretch of the campaign), there was nothing our determined members and dedicated supporters wouldn’t do to make sure that Sussex County’s two congressional districts—and the House of Representatives in general–remained in Democratic hands. The SCDC also joined forces with organizers from neighboring Milford, PA and from as far away as Philadelphia to turn out the Democratic vote in the Keystone State.  Our members and volunteers worked tirelessly with Pennsylvania Democrats to flip the state back to blue, making calls, sending texts and putting out signs in the critical swing areas for months.


On the local level, we can say with pride that Sussex County is no longer a reliably “red” county. Sussex County Democrats came out in full force this election cycle, determined to make their voices heard. This goal was accomplished in stride, surpassing 2016’s presidential-year voter turnout (as well as the turnout from all cycles over the past decade). Voter turnout among Sussex County Democrats was as high as 85% in some towns, with 81% overall Democratic turnout in the county. These are unheard-of margins for a Democratic presidential candidate in Sussex County. We also received an additional outpouring of support as a result of our efforts to reach out to independent and unaffiliated voters in our county. Many of these voters have now found a home with us here in the SCDC and we welcome them with open arms!  

While, as expected, President Trump did indeed win Sussex County, he did not win by much: President-Elect Biden clinched 40% of the county’s total vote. These numbers are historic, proof that positive change is coming our way. Sussex County voters, both Democrats and independents alike, have sent the message that the petty cronyism, corruption and one-party rule that the GOP has forced on this county for years is no longer acceptable.

As we begin the process of healing the country and repairing the democracy that has been under attack from within for the past four years, we feel confident in saying that Sussex County is on track to turn purple in the near future. The Sussex County Democratic Party is growing faster and becoming more energized than ever before. We are looking to the 2021 election cycle with renewed optimism and momentum, and will no longer be pushed around by intimidation and harassment. We are here, we are unafraid, and we are getting to work!


Thank you to all of our supporters, volunteers and donors!

Chairwoman Dawne Rowe

The Sussex County Democratic Committee