Sussex County commissioners, Tennessee pipeline accepting public's questions

Residents may now pose questions to Tennessee Gas representatives who are scheduled to appear before the Sussex County Board of Commissioners until Thursday, August 19th at 4 PM. The extension occurred after the short deadline was questioned by residents at the last Commissioner meeting.
ūüóď The TGP meeting will take place on September 8th.

NEWTON ‚ÄĒ¬†Residents may pose questions to¬†Tennessee Gas representatives who are scheduled to appear before the Sussex County Board of County Commissioners¬†on Sept. 8.

The gas company wants to upgrade natural pipeline pumping stations on a line across Sussex County. 

However, those questions must be posted in advance, in writing by 4 p.m. Wednesday.

On Thursday, the West Milford Council approved a similar proposal for its township. In return, it will receive tax funds and $200,000.

Originally, the deadline for submissions had been Wednesday, but at the board's meeting that night, questions about a short advance notice and the notice only posted on the county's website, brought about the extension.

Protestors against Tennessee Gas Pipeline's proposed new compressor stations pose for a picture Wednesday, June 23, 2021, before the meeting of the Sussex County Board of Commissioners. The company's representative could not make the meeting, but those for and against the project were allowed to speak.

Commissioner Director Dawn Fantasia agreed with Ken Collins of Andover, when he raised those objections. Board Clerk Teri Lyons posted the new deadline on the county's website. 

Questions still must be submitted in writing and the commissioners will consolidate them to pose to company representatives.

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company had been scheduled to make a presentation to the board at its June 23 meeting and proponents and opponents of the project gathered in the auditorium at the Sussex County Community College.

Protesters to a proposed Tennessee Gas Pipeline project to build new compressor stations along its system appear at the Wednesday, June 23, 2021 meeting of the Sussex County Board of Commissioners. A company presentation was postponed, but the board allowed protestors and supporters of the project to speak.

However, the company representative had called shortly before the meeting to say he was unable to attend.

Local government officials in Bloomfield, Hamburg, Montague, Ringwood, Wantage and Vernon have adopted resolutions opposing similar projects.

West Milford’s town council, on the other hand, declined to approve a proposed resolution opposing the project in March. Elected township officials have stated that they are powerless to stop the project and would rather work with the company to ensure the best possible outcome for the community rather than offer token opposition.

Existing Wantage, NJ Compressor Station 325

During the Commission's June meeting when the gas company spokesperson was scheduled to address residents, speakers said the stations are being upgraded to handle about three times more natural gas which must be pumped through the pipeline at much higher pressures. The company's plan does not include any new pipelines.

During that meeting, Collins said at that time there are already unacceptable emissions coming from the stations, which are monitored by computer systems. 

Other concerns voiced by the dozen speakers against the project were about noise from the turbines and motors which compress the gas and the possibility of explosive accidents. 

Editor's Note: Story has been updated to correct the last name of Ken Collins.