"If you are concerned about adding almost a million square feet of warehouses with 181 truck bays along the Route 15 corridor, I am, too." 
"In February 2021 I voted against changing Sparta’s zoning ordinance (21-01) to allow for the construction of warehouses and truck-to-rail transfer stations in the zones that sit over the Germany Flats aquifer, our townships primary water source. This is the area where an already congested Route 15 narrows to a single lane.
I also voted against ordinance 21-16 which would allow heavy trucks to travel on White Lake Road, where eighteen-wheelers would be encouraged to ‘cut the corner’ to travel north onto Route 94. This road runs along the side of the White Lake Field youth athletic facility, past our summer camp for children, and straight through the Sussex Vo-Tech high school campus. I feel this puts children’s safety at risk.
If you believe that this development will help the taxpayer, consider how much tax relief you experienced when the North Village development came online in that same area. (Hint: There was none.) That development provided over a million dollars of new tax revenue to the township. In that year the township’s operating expenses increased by $2.6 mil. I voted against that budget."
Sparta Councilman Dan Chiariello