Scott Fadden for NJ Assembly

The Sussex County Democratic Committee is excited to announce Scott Fadden for Legislative District 24 Assembly! Be sure to like and share his Facebook page Scott Fadden for Assembly.
“Scott Fadden is an Iron Worker, family man, and a proud Democrat that is ready to advocate for the people of Legislative District 24. Scott has resided in Sussex County with his family since 2008, planting the Fadden family roots in Sparta. He is a devoted father to four beautiful children, who serve as his driving motivation to make positive change within his community. As a 3rd generation Iron Worker, Scott understands the importance of quality representation for a constituency. Scott already serves as an executive board member on his Iron Workers union and is no stranger to making tough decisions for the good of the people he was elected to represent. Sussex County has provided Scott and his family the best years of their life and he now wants to give back to that same community by representing them in the New Jersey General Assembly.”


Sussex County has a long history of Republican representation in Trenton. The resulting efforts have afforded the area with lackluster benefits brought back to our legislative district. Scott Fadden recognizes that representing a group of people is more than just showing up to a voting session — it requires leaders to get down on the front lines and to fight for the people that have elected you. An effective leader learns of the daily hardships faced by the people they represent by listening to their opinions and finding constructive ways to improve their individual lives, while simultaneously improving the community. Scott has a long and proven history of rising to the occasion, as evidenced by his heroic volunteer efforts at ground zero after the 9/11 attacks that claimed the lives of so many Americans and by his steadfast leadership to organize his Union brothers and sisters to ensure their workplace rights were protected and defended.


Scott Fadden is a fighter who will not allow petty political disagreements or backroom dealings to dominate the lives of those who live in Legislative District 24. He recognizes the complexities involved in a district that spans across Sussex, Warren, and Morris counties, and that all have specific concerns unique to individual towns and municipalities.  He will be on the ground listening, learning, and gaining insight from the people of the district. Scott is eager to tackle problems head-on and he could not be more excited to do so. It is time to end the years of the same stale leadership in Trenton that has done nothing but give way to mediocrity and failure after failure that the voters have been straddled with. It is time to send in a fighter, someone who will understand where we are coming from and what we need to do to improve our quality of life.  It’s time to send in Scott!

You can follow Scott on Facebook at his campaign page: “Scott Fadden for Assembly”

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