Rep. Gottheimer Announces New “Stay in Jersey” Campaign

New Jersey commuters can save close to $20k a year to “Stay in Jersey.” When you add it all up, avoiding expensive tolls, parking, gas, and New York’s proposed congestion tax isn’t just good for our wallets – it means less stress, more time with family, and greater productivity.

Gottheimer called on the State to provide new “Stay in Jersey” tax incentives to New York businesses that open new regional office hubs for both full- and part-time workers living in Jersey. In a press release, Gottheimer announced that he was working with State Senator Joe Lagana (D-38) and Assemblyman Chris Tully (D-38), to draft the “Stay in Jersey” legislation.
The announcement claimed Jersey commuters could save nearly $20,000 a year by avoiding travel-related expenses such as tolls, parking, gas, and NY’s proposed “congestion tax,” which could add additional tolls when traveling to the more congested areas of Manhattan.