Phoebus not bigoted enough for GOP?

So far the Sussex County Republican Party has been close-mouthed about why General Assembly incumbent Parker Space is this year running as a team with newcomer Harold Wirths, rather than previous teammate and current incumbent Gail Phoebus.

phoebus-an-450.jpgAnd Phoebus has been mum about any plans to try to retain her seat, or reasons for the apparent split with the county GOP establishment.

One hint, however, may be contained in Assembly Bill 4567, recently passed by the Assembly Human Services Committee, on which Phoebus sits. The bill calls for establishment of a “Transgender Equality Task Force.”

And on Feb. 13, Phoebus voted in favor.

Although her record in the legislature hardly qualifies as progressive, it appears that Phoebus is in favor of transgender people—including students as well as adults—should have the same rights as other Americans. And apparently that’s not the right way to play on the GOP team.