Phoebus Drops Out

Assemblywoman Gail Phoebus announced on Tuesday, March 28th, that she will no longer seek the Republican nomination for the New Jersey state senate.

phoebus_color.jpgThe announcement came in a press release on Tuesday afternoon.  Current state senator Steve Oroho and assemblyman Parker Space had dropped Phoebus from their ticket in 2017 due to Phoebus’ vote against the bill sponsored by Oroho which raised sharply raised the gas tax in the State, while at the same time reducing taxes for the State’s wealthiest residents. Oroho replaced Phoebus with Hal Wirths, but retained the more popular Parker Space even though Space also voted against the gas tax hike.

Phoebus added assembly candidate David Scapicchio from Morris County to her ticket in February, but a short time later Scapicchio dropped out of the assembly race, opting instead to run for the Morris County Freeholder Board.

The assemblywoman has stated that she will see out her current term, which expires in January 2018, and will take a break from elected office.

Sparta resident Jennifer Hamilton is seeking the Democratic Party nomination for state senate.