Our county officials have embraced the big lie

Our amazing candidate David DeWit from Hampton Township wrote this poignant letter to the editor calling out county officials who are embracing “the big” to capitalize on emotion and fear for political gain that is not based on reason or fact. We need honorable individuals to represent our communities here in Sussex County that bring dignity to their elected positions. That is why we are supporting David DeWit and his running mate Dennis Augustus for Hampton Township Committee this November.

To the Editor:

With the passage of the “election integrity” resolution by the Sussex County Commissioners, our county officials have embraced the big lie and the delusion that our country is rife with voter fraud. Desperate to have something to offer voters, these self-serving politicians have fallen right in line with the most destructive onslaught to our democracy since the Vietnam era of deceit.

That there were over 60 failed court challenges to the 2020 election seems not to matter to the state and local GOP. Alternate facts and fantasy thinking are now the order of the day. Now, to complete the unified party fable, Republicans on township committees are being strong-armed to adopt this basket of lies. Since our county politicians have joined the insurrectionists, we are left with only our township committees to insulate us from the appalling threat of systemic dishonesty from all Republican levels of government.

If challenged to do the right thing, some will reject this dogma. I believe there are many Republicans that are disgusted with the demise of their party. The sight of “F**k You Biden” flags flying in their neighborhood hardly instills pride in their Republican party. We need to ask them: What kind of Republican are you?

Local government needs to be the most honest, not evaders and prevaricators of the truth. It is pointless to discuss local issues with someone that believes it was “tourists” on January 6 who attacked the capital, and who supports phantom election fraud beliefs and the big lie.

Speak up honorable Republicans! Reclaim your party and your dignity as public servants.

David deWit

Democrat for Hampton Township Committee