Oroho, voice of 60 million fetuses

On Saturday, Right to Live proponents gathered at Newton Green to protest what they call government “funding” of Planned Parenthood because the women’s health organization provides safe and legal abortions among its numerous services.

NJHProLife-450.jpgIn truth, the government does not fund PP, and no government money at all is used for termination procedures.

However, the poor and low-income women who make up the bulk of clinic users are allowed to use Medicaid to pay for prenatal care, cancer screenings, birth control and other reproductive health services offered by the organization.

This, said the protestors, has to stop.

Among the loudest voices Saturday was State Sen. Steve Oroho, whose latest, but by no means only, foray into regulating women’s reproductive systems was sponsoring a bill to criminalize abortions performed at 20 weeks.

Among a confusion of bizarre claims, according to the NJ Herald—“The issue is not women’s health,” ”we’re here to support women and children,” PP’s business is “promoting promiscuity and abortion,” and the strange claim that the whites on Newton Green were rallying end abortion because it decimates minorities and Black Lives Matter’—Oroho made one of the most sweeping.

"There are over 60 million humans who have lost their life because of abortion," the Herald reported Oroho said. "We are their voice because they have no voice."

He did not mention who would be the voices of the women who became dead or maimed in back-alley abortions before safe termination became legal.

Currently, New Jersey does not have any restrictions or onerous burdens to prevent women who don’t want to be pregnant from terminating a pregnancy, and legal abortions are overwhelmingly safe.

Almost four-fifths of New Jerseyans support reproductive choice, yet Oroho persists in pushing for laws that will restrict or eliminate it. His assault on freedom is of more concern in the current political climate, which has emboldened the right-wing at the state level throughout the nation to amp up its assault on women.