Oroho lauds Trump’s anti-Muslim orders

Sussex County’s leading Trumpette, state Sen. Steve Oroho, thinks barring refugees and immigrants from majority-Muslim countries who have already gone though extensive vetting, usually over years, and sending them packing is a great idea.

oroho-trump-450.jpgIn fact, he loves the idea so much that he sponsored Senate Bill 2945, which would prevent New Jersey municipalities from becoming sanctuary cities and penalize any that refuse to use their local law enforcement resources to enforce federal immigration law. His partner in bigotry, Parker Space, sponsored the Assembly version of the bill.

Oroho recently called on all Republicans to oppose Democrats who “condemn” the order, presenting the “alternative fact” that Trump’s act merely continues policies set in motion by the Obama administration. What he failed to mention, however, is that the previous administration identified countries whose citizens might require more scrutiny before being admitted to the U.S., that the Obama administration never considered barring people who already hold visas, much less green cards, and that the Obama administration never considered making the U.S. off-limits to Syrian refugees.

Trump’s order targets not only refugees from Syria’s horrendous situation, but also those from six other Muslim-majority countries—Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Sudan—in the name of national securities, although no one from any of those nations has ever committed an act of terrorism in the U.S. Meanwhile, nations that have exported terrorists, such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt, are exempt from the ban, apparently because Trump has business interests in them. The rules apply even to foreign nationals who risked their lives helping the US military in their countries—the thanks of a grateful nation.

Issued by fiat with no warning and no consultation with foreign policy experts, the ruling literally caught people mid-flight, resulting in those who had been cleared to enter the U.S. being detained and deported.

All of which Oroho apparently thinks is just swell.

"There are those who have called this a 'Muslim ban' but that is more a term of propaganda than of fact," he said, conveniently forgetting that Trump repeated promised a ban on Muslims while campaigning, and leading sycophant Rudi Guiliani recently bragged that he helped devise the current strategy as a way of enacting such a ban legally.