NJ’s Largest Healthcare Union Releases Endorsed Candidates in the 2020 Election

Senator Cory Booker, Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill, and Rep Josh Gottheimer earn the endorsement of HPAE — Health Professionals & Allied Employees.

The largest union of nurses and healthcare workers has announced the candidates they are endorsing in Federal, State and Local races. The endorsement comes after an extensive review of the candidates’ positions and an endorsement was bestowed upon those who expressed or have shown a commitment to supporting the rights of healthcare workers and improving patient safety.

“This has been an exceptional year, as HPAE members have faced unprecedented health and safety concerns while battling COVID-19 in their healthcare facilities.” said Debbie White, President of HPAE. “These candidates have been on the side of health care workers and patients and have a proven commitment to protecting the interests of patients and workers over the financial interests of large healthcare corporations.”

Among the issues and votes HPAE members examined were support or opposition of:

• Ensuring the rights of workers to collectively bargain over safety and economic conditions;
• Protecting public employee benefits and pension; and
• Expanding healthcare coverage and access to providers to ensure everyone has access to services that will lead to improvements in health outcomes.

Follow this NJ Insider link to see a complete list of candidates HPAE is endorsing in the 2020 Elections: https://www.insidernj.com/njs-largest-healthcare-union-releases-endorsed-candidates-2020-election/