NJ 11th for Change Endorses Candidates for NJ State Senate and General Assembly

NJ 11th for Change — the grassroots group that helped end Rodney Frelinghuysen’s 23-year congressional career and helped launch Mikie Sherrill’s — has proudly endorsed Phil Murphy for Governor and his running mate Shelia Oliver for Lt. Governor, Scott Fadden for Assembly, and Mike Vrabel and Scott Paul for Sussex County Commissioner!

The group’s attention remains focused within the borders of the federal Congressional District 11, which includes ten different state legislative districts (LDs). NJ 11th for Change has endorsed candidates within each of the ten LDs, as follows:


  • LD21     SENATE:     Joseph Signorello III (D)
    ASSEMBLY:     Elizabeth A. Graner (D) and Anjali Mehrotra (D)
  • LD24     ASSEMBLY:     Scott P. Fadden (D)
  • LD25     SENATE:     Jeffrey Grayzel (D)
    ASSEMBLY:     Lauren Barnett (D) and Patricia L. Veres (D)
  • LD26     SENATE:     Christine Clarke (D)
    ASSEMBLY:     Melissa Brown Braeuer (D) and Pamela Fadden (D)
  • LD27    SENATE:     Richard J. Codey (D)
    ASSEMBLY:     Mila M. Jasey (D) and John F. McKeon (D)
  • LD28    SENATE:     Ronald L. Rice (D)
    ASSEMBLY:     Ralph R. Caputo (D) and Cleopatra G. Tucker (D)
  • LD34    SENATE:     Nia H. Gill, Esq. (D)
    ASSEMBLY:     Thomas P. Giblin (D) and Britnee N. Timberlake (D)
  • LD35    SENATE:     Nellie Pou (D)
    ASSEMBLY:     Shavonda E. Sumpter (D) and Benjie E. Wimberly (D)
  • LD39    SENATE:     Ruth Dugan (D)
    ASSEMBLY:     Melinda Ianuzzi (D) and Karlito Almeda (D)
  • LD40    SENATE:     Michael Sedon (D)
    ASSEMBLY:     Genevieve Allard (D) and Nicole McNamara (D)


Candidates were sent a substantive questionnaire about issues facing their individual districts and our state as a whole. Their responses were provided to an Endorsement Committee of over 600 active NJ 11th for Change volunteers and donors for consideration.


“We are deeply impressed by the talent and experience these candidates offer,” said NJ 11th for Change Co-Executive Directors Leslie Bockol and Mara Novak, “and by their commitment to the people of their districts. Government must strive for fairness, compassion, inclusivity, and a decent quality of life for all the people of New Jersey. Electing these outstanding candidates to the NJ State Legislature will help us emerge stronger, more prosperous, more unified and more secure from this challenging time, so together we can build a brighter future.”


“We are especially proud to endorse LD26 State Senate candidate Christine Clarke, who joined our group in 2017 to seek accountability, transparency, and responsiveness from our congressional representative.”


For a complete list of all endorsed candidates, including gubernatorial and county commissioner races, visit https://www.nj11thforchange.org/candidate_endorsements_2021.