Newton sees Trump tax protest

The day before a major religious holiday—in this case, Easter—is usually not great for group gatherings as people are at home or in supermarkets preparing for their celebration.

newton-tax-protext-450.jpgBut about 50 stalwarts came out to Newton Green on Saturday to call for Donald Trump to release his tax returns and let the American people see where his money comes from and what financial entanglements he has.

The demonstration was in sync with a national call for transparency that drew large crowds in major cities and demonstrators in about 200 American municipalities overall.

The Newton gathering was organized by Hackettstown Indivisible, a subgroup of Indivisible New Jersey, one of the many grassroots activist groups that arose after Trump’s election and are steadily growing. It plans to participate in other national planned protests, including the March for Science on April 22 and the March for Climate Change on April 29, with events in Washington and throughout New Jersey.

In a Twittery reaction to Saturday’s demonstrations, Trump expressed surprised that Americans were demanding accountability from their elected president.

The election is over!” he tweeted, implying that now that he is president he is immune from oversight. He also called into question the ethics of demonstrators, tweeting that “Someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies" such as the Newton march.