Letter to the Editor - Marijuana laws

A great American poet once wrote "The times, they are a-changing".

And in the immortal words of singer Bob Dylan, they are indeed.

Too bad no one told the Sussex County Board of Freeholders.

New Jersey residents voted overwhelmingly on November 3 to legalize the sale, possession and use of recreational marijuana. The revenue from this legalization would be distributed to towns throughout the state, many of which are facing severe budget crises resulting from the Coronavirus.

But the Freeholders would have towns in Sussex County ignore the will of the voters and have towns pass legislation barring the purchase, sale, transportation and possession of weed. Yes, the five intrepid Republicans who comprise the Board are campaigning to pressure individual towns to ignore the fully two-thirds of their constituents who believe it's time to follow the lead of states like Colorado and 43 other states (including New Jersey) which have either legalized or decriminalized marijuana.

And the Freeholders would rather see their towns not share in the estimated $126 million expected to be generated in taxes on weed sales in the first year alone. Because any town that passes a resolution banning marijuana would be excluded from sharing in the financial windfall. Are the Freeholders going to compensate the towns for that loss?

Yes, the times are a-changing. And it's time for the Freeholders to recognize that.

Michael Schnackenberg